Ok, so, my passion is to test new things, new ways to do something, new opportunities EVERY DAY !!! I am passionate about new discoveries, new possibilities offered by Internet !!

I always want to learn something different, explore a new domain, know more myself.

If I had 1 million dollars in my bank account, I feel like I would continue to do what I am doing : exploring, learning, sharing, healping others, pushing my limits, going out of my comfort zone.

I feel inspired today by testing numerology

Please continue this article with an OPEN mind, do not take things too seriously. Just be open to signs and precious informations you can find 🙂

They offer a numerology report for free, you do not have to give your email and credit card, so nothing to lose, just try and feel if it’s acurate to you, if it suits you. For me, it was a nice experience, I learn a lot about myself, feel like they know me already, it was a strange feeling and at the same time, it helps me to reconnect to my true nature !!

It is hard to find the good words, so try by yourself !!

Regarding my birth date, some extracts :

« You are intuitive and sensitive.

You enjoy your privacy and prefer to work alone.

You are constantly seeking answers.

Your expression : Inspiration and Intuition.

This makes you highly creative and someone who always thinks outside the box.

You are always open to learning from those around you.

AFTER THAT, they ask for email to send you the copy of your numerology chart, so IT IS UP to you to decide if you want to continue.

Your heart’s desire : You have multiple talents, are a giftstoryteller.

You are funloving, adaptable and full of life.

You seek freedom and variety above all else.

It can make it difficult for you to focus on one thing as you are easily distracted.

You don’t like to stay at one place, one job, for very long.

And are always wondering « what’s next ? »

You need a partner who share your spontaneity and sense of adventure.

You are compassionate, fair and empathic. »

I was surprised how it is accurate, near to who I am. I feel like I forget often to connect to my true talents, my specificities, my creativity.

So it helps me to know my strenghts, be aware of my weaknesses. And go for opportunities !!


I was looking if it is a serious company and I found informations who reassure me :

-Fan page on Facebook with 664 104 fans !

-And Youtube channel with 18 000 subscribers :


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