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Hi my little Sunshine ! Coucou mes petits Sunshines !!

Je vais mettre les sous-titres en français 🙂

I will speak english now because like this, I feel connected with the world and I feel like I enter in a new dimension !!

So let’s go ! My first video, I wanted to share with you my new discovery just one week or 10 days ago : it’s « Mind Movies ».

Let’s go to login and I will show you how it is very easy to create the movie of your dream life. I know it’s like a big thing, but never mind !

Just this one is my first one but if I want to create a new one, I click: »create a video », it is a bit longer to upload.

You have pictures, you have videos, let me show you, you can add videos, you can add youtube videos. It is very easy to make it.

Just drag and drop. You can choose transitions, musics, beautiful songs. You can select preferences about movie settings.

So let’s go, let’s select pictures : You can choose particular domains of your life : Business, cars, charity, friends and family, happy, gratitude, health, weight loss, lifestyle, nature relationship, shopping.

For example, let’s take « health » i will show you in 3 minutes, you will have all your mind movie and i will put on the final video on my you tube channel.

You choose between 20 and 25 pictures. And always add one affirmations with one picture.

I put all my pictures. After this, I will put affirmations. And let’s find a good music, very inspiring music. So you see, you have special music by Joe Vitale. So, we are looking for music, success songs. I choose the song : « The world is calling, the word is calling. Can you hear it ? »

After that, you have « preview ». If you like it, you save project. And after that, you put « send to processor ».

You have the possibiliy to share your movie on Facebook or Youtube.